DaygoSmoove found hip hop at an early age, during the 90’s, the golden decade of West Coast Hip Hop, while growing up in San Diego, California. He grew to be inspired by the founders of Hip Hop and what they have done that he feels has paved the way to his passion that he’s been walking on that soon enough became the path of his career. DaygoSmoove is a recording artist, songwriter and producer who has been perfecting his craft to the ultimate extent.

     From early 2000, Daygosmoove has been mentored and inspired by a rapper from Compton, Jayceon Taylor, a multi-platinum selling artist known as Game. With Game and The Black Wall Street on his journey, Daygosmoove has made significant strides to remain an independent artist under the name of 2Smoove. In 2009, Daygo shared the stage with Game during the LAX tour in his hometown, San Diego; along with hip hop artists, Nipsey Hussle, Compton Menace, The Dean’s List, Yung Wax, and Apathy. While off stage, Daygosmoove strived in and out of the studio, creating mix tapes with superstar producers such as DJ Kris Styles, DJ Unknown, Sean Gibson, Tre Beatz and Paul Cabbin.


     After a long run of balancing music and taking care of business, Daygo toured with more talent in 2012, such as Lloyed Young Sly, DJ Unknown and many more in Tokyo, Japan. Still under the name of 2Smoove, he signed a distribution deal with Wright Records/Sony/Orchard for his first released album, Words of a Lyrical Misfit, in 2013.

     In the past couple years Daygo has walked across different paths that inspired him to be the new artist he is today as DaygoSmoove. He is currently working on the release of his EPK for the near future. Daygo is ready to perform all over Southern California and is now on the rise as one of the premiere MCs in his city.