Audio Engineering Courses

LeQuid Bit Music Productions is proud to offer 4 Weeks of intense, hands on, 1 on 1 record engineering training, with real industry professionals. This personalized training program is designed to give you the resources and experience needed to master the art of professional quality sound recording.

Taught at Southern California's newest state of the art recording facility Hybrid Studios, and instructed by LeQuid Bit's own top Producers/Engineers, Dustin Lees and Fabian Quiroz. The two have logged almost 20 years of professional experience, and over 100,000 hours in professional, production sessions between them. Lees and Quiroz have worked with a diverse portfolio of artists including Warren G, Wu Tang Clan, Pepper and Steel Pulse, and have even mixed soundtracks for independent and feature films.

Students will have the rare opportunity of working 1 on 1 with the instructors on the industry's most sought after equipment like the Solid State Logic G 4000 Console, Pro Tools 10 & 11, and the worlds most renowned microphones. The training is very hands on with real life projects and troubleshooting. Training sessions involve half the time spent on personal lecture, and the other half spent completing hands on projects. This course is designed to create a solid understanding and high level of experience for both beginning and advanced recording engineers.

The following curriculum is the sequence of learning that we use for our first 4-week (5 hours per week) course. These classes are structured to give the students a broad background in all the important areas of audio engineering. LeQuid Bit Music Production's is for each student to be able to step foot in a professional recording studio and start proficiently and confidently recording right away.






TOTAL COST: $3,000.00


Week 1:

Understanding the principles of sound and how it moves, as well as how it is captured, stored and replayed is the focus of our first lesson. We will discuss the professional tools used in audio engineering and start the recording process.

Topics covered:

The Science of Sound and Audio
Sound Waves
Acoustic Spaces
Principles of Microphones
Studio maintenance
Studio Monitors


Week 2:

Principles of signal flow in a professional studio will be covered in Week 2. Students will learn how to properly use a patch bay as well as an advanced mixing console, the SSL G 4000. Also we will be going over quality microphone use.

Topics Covered:

o Signal Flow

o Patch Bay Operation

o Channel Flow on an SSL G 4000

o Operating SSL G 4000 Console

o Advanced Microphone Placement and Techniques

o Integrating Outboard Gear



Effects and plug-ins are explored and explained in this lesson.


Topics covered:


Week 3:

This is the student's introduction to Pro Tools HD. Week 3 will be an extensive overview of digital audio workstations and the industry standard Pro Tools version 10 & 11.

Topics covered:

o Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs)

o Avid Audio Interfaces

o Pro Tools HD

o Getting Set Up in Pro Tools

o Recording Good Signals in Pro Tools

Week 4:

Getting a professional sounding mix is the key to quality music. Week 4 teaches students the secrets to getting a perfect mix. We begin to examine frequencies and how to hear minute differences in sound while understanding effective procedures in assigning plug-ins and for what purposes


Topics covered:

o Plug-Ins

o Listening for Frequency and Sonics

o Equalizers

o Compressors and Limiters

o Delays and Reverbs

o Pitch Correction

o Audio Suite

o Bussing and Sending to Aux Tracks

After the 4-week course, the students will have a vast understanding on how to record and mix in any professional studio and have a fully mixed track done by themselves here at Hybrid Studios.


TOTAL COST: $3,000.00

For those who have already competed the Introductory Course, or have had previous professional training, LeQuid Bit Music Productions offers the Advanced Course. This specialized program is designed to teach the most sought after tips, tricks, and secrets in the recording process. Not only will the student learn the secrets the experts use to make the hits, but will also have the opportunity to build a portfolio of quality recordings in a professional studio, with the best gear the industry offers. The Advanced Course will extensively go over topics like:

o Unique Tracking Tips

o Specialized Microphone Techniques

o Quick Editing Including Hot Key Use

o Getting the Most Out of Outboard Gear

o Using Outboard Gear in The Mix

o Expert EQing Practices

o Professional Dynamic Processing

o Vital Mix Effect Tricks

o Superior Vocal Mixing

o Record Production Skills and Tips

o Advanced Mastering Secrets

And More!

The music industry moves very quickly, but there are ways to work efficiently so as not to cut corners in quality and creativity. A skillful audio Engineer is highly pursued and valued in this industry. Doors open wide for those who master this craft and this no-nonsense course will give you the tools and confidence you need to achieve greatness in the world of art and media.

LeQuid Bit Music Productions offers internship positions for everybody that has completed the Introductory Course. Learn what it takes to become successful in the music industry and start working hands on right away!!!

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There are no refunds. All sales are final on all services offered. To book instruction time there is a FIVE (5) hour a week minimum and an advance deposit of 50% is required to confirm any scheduled time. You will forfeit your deposit if you reschedule less than 24 hours prior to your scheduled session or instrument/ vocal lessons. Entire balance is due upon the start of any lessons, classes, training programs or any other services provided. Form of payments accepted; Cash, Check, ATM, Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express. All recordings remain the property of LeQuid Bit Music Productions 

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